About Us

We’re a hardworking, detail-oriented duo running a small studio in Seattle. We have an eclectic combination of digital experience. And a small dog.


Matt Stein is a developer with a design background and is the reason that many blog posts are written in first-person.

Matt worked at a Seattle interactive agency before founding Working Concept in 2009. He’s a reliable generalist with full-stack experience, eager to learn how businesses and products work and connect things to make everyone’s lives easier.

When he’s not working, he’s likely to be reading, caffeinating, hand-cranking pasta, or making a thing (digital or physical) to learn something new.


Raina Bahns is a designer and sometimes-illustrator, with a formal background in design and a diverse resumé with corporate experience.

Raina has worked on teams at XBox, Windows Mobile, Zune (!), NCR, and Capital One. She worked as Creative Director at Capital One before leaving to join Working Concept in 2014. She excels at working across teams to turn chaos into actionable, realistic, and measurable objectives.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Raina outside with gloves on; she’s an active gardener that aspires to own a backhoe.


Dash is an actual small dog who urges humans not to spend too much time with their glowing rectangles.

He hasn’t done anything that might qualify as work, but he excels at floor play and has a passion for real-time alerts.