ElevationLab's New Lightning Adapter

October 28, 2013

I jumped on this latest upgrade cycle with a new iPhone 5S, and promptly placed my lightning adapter order with ElevationLab. While the nature of the tight connector means I’ll have to give up one-handed dock/undock bliss (see Marco Arment’s apt description), the Elevation Dock is still the beefiest and nicest-looking iPhone dock I’ve owned to date.

The bad news is that it’s been more than two weeks, but the good news just came today: they’re working on an improved design!

[…] we redesigned the Lightning adapter to make it both easier to mount and adjustable to also fit Apple’s new, slightly larger 2m cord. It has taken a few more iterations than anticipated to make it perfect, but our shop is in full production now and your order will ship out this week. […]

New Lightning Adapter

My life has seen greater challenges than waiting on this dock adapter, so I’ll consider this a win.

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