Google Drive's Filesystem Icons: Ugly

April 27, 2012

Like every other foolish, bleeding-edge early adopter, I’ve just moved my entire Dropbox to a shiny new Google Drive folder. After working out a few kinks with non-syncing files, things are running smoothly and I’ll just need to wait on the iOS app and third-party integrations before I can safely say goodbye to Dropbox.

I’ve got only one complaint: the filesystem icons are a giant step backwards.

Icons: Google Drive vs. Dropbox

They’d fit nicely into Windows 95, but Dropbox did a much better job. I poked around in the Google package hoping for some replaceable resource, but found no way to change them. I’m sure that Google’s teams frequent my blog, so I’ll kindly ask that someone address this. Then, of course, get on to the LAN syncing and bandwidth tuning.

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Updated 11/15/18 at 10:37am

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