The type on this site is set in Freight Text Pro and San Francisco or Helvetica Neue or Helvetica.

Software, Hardware and Hosting

The site’s managed with Craft CMS 3 on a screaming fast Ryzen+NVMe NexusBytes VPS, rendered by Gatsby, built and hosted with Netlify. Assets are served from Amazon S3, transformed on the fly with a Lambda function, and served with Cloudfront and Cloudflare. Forms are handled by a custom Lambda function, which is way easier to manage thanks to Serverless.

Content usually starts in IA Writer and building happens with VS Code or PhpStorm. Occasionally Sketch or Figma get involved. I work on either a Retina iMac or MacBook Pro.

Standards Compliance

The site’s been a champ with valid HTML5 and CSS3, which is getting harder to validate with W3C’s tools. Markup, feeds and styles should be valid and accessible and you’re welcome to drop me a note if you find otherwise.