Website Maintenance & Support Plans

We can actively monitor, update and care for your site. We offer a range of a service levels from annual software updates or monthly hands-on support.

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There are two package types: Maintenance Plans and Maintenance and Support Plans.

Maintenance Plans

A Maintenance Plan ensures that your site is healthy and up to date. This means…

  1. Keeping the project workflow current so any developer can jump in and work on it.
  2. Applying minor version software updates and any security patches.
  3. Monitoring site health and providing an automatic, best-effort response to outages or unexpected technical incidents.

Monitoring includes domain uptime, SSL certificate and domain registration expiration alerts, home page speed monitoring, and server monitoring when available.

Critical software updates (security patches) for all plans are applied within five business days of their release.

TypeCostMonitoringPerformance Audits & UpdatesSoftware Updates
No Plann/aper work estimate

Maintenance & Support Plans

An added Support Plan can accommodate minor changes over time without the additional need for negotiating estimates and schedule. This could mean minor feature improvements, content edits, and the squishy stuff that isn’t likely to warrant a new project scope. Unlike the majority of web hosts, we can support the full software stack from the operating system to the front end UI.

Requests are handled per incident, so it’s best to group small changes. Any request needing more than four hours of work will have to be scoped separately. A request is something that requires further communication or work, so one-off questions about a site don’t count as request incidents even though we’ll uphold our response time commitment. We just ask that you respect our time and collect questions periodically if they aren’t urgent.

TypeCostMonitoringSEO MonitoringPerf. Audits & UpdatesRequests/TermSoftware UpdatesMax ResponseMax TurnaroundPriority QueueSite Review
Monthly$2,500324 hours3 business days2/year
Quarterly$1,25031 business day5 business days2/year
Annual$75035 business days10 business daysannually
No Plann/aper work estimateper work estimate

Fine Print

Monitoring means uptime and performance monitoring, along with error and server monitoring when it’s feasible. We’ll make our best effort to respond accordingly in the event of a service outage or severe performance issue. Resolution may involve a separate scope of work depending on the problem, but monitoring ensures timely and automatic responses without any waiting on approvals or access.

We’ll track…

  • Website http, https, and ping availability.
  • SSL certificate and domain name registration expirations.
  • Application error monitoring (where possible).
  • Server monitoring (where possible).
  • SEO campaign monitoring (for relevant plans) established with the plan setup and regularly included in site review.

Updates means functional software updates that ensure good health: minor software and plugin version updates, minor system software updates (where relevant), and (for support plans) website template or content updates.

As long as a Maintenance Plan is active, minor software updates and workflow/tooling revisions will never be billable line items in project fees. They will otherwise be detailed in estimates if time is required to bring a code base up to date.

Max Response Time indicates the time period in which you can expect a human (not automated) response to a support issue before you’re entitled to a refund.

We don’t intend to leave anyone hanging. Any support request not receiving a response per the Maintenance Plan will entitle the client to a 50% refund of the plan fee if they opt to cancel the service.

Max Turnaround Time is the longest an issue can take to be resolved, provided that it’s a serviceable support issue and is not dependent on factors outside Working Concept’s control.

The Priority Queue would be provided to manage planned tasks for support updates, in the event that they need to be scheduled or saved for a later period when more issues are available. This could mean content updates or website revisions provided that they fit into the budgeted time allotment each month. Maintenance Plan tasks, unlike larger formal retainer hours, do not roll over if unused. In some cases, tasks won’t fit into the Maintenance Plan issue allotment so the queue will be used to collect and prioritize future chunks of work to be classified as maintenance or estimated separately.

A Site Review is a scheduled meeting to check in and review the site’s performance and overall health, and to make sure the maintenance service is working optimally. We’ll also check every credential we have on file to be sure it’s current.


  1. You must be an existing Working Concept client with a completed project.
  2. The designated project must be an ExpressionEngine, Craft, or Statamic website, or a custom Laravel web application.
  3. The designated project must be hosted with an approved provider and platform with modern software specs. (We can get into more detail on a call.)
  4. The designated project must have clean, up-to-date source code repository and functional, documented workflows.
  5. Client must provide access to relevant servers, deployment methods, and services that are to be supported.
  6. Client must designate Working Concept as a technical contact with the ability to submit support tickets directly for services that are to be supported.
    • DNS
    • web host
    • third-party services (Cloudflare, Mailgun, etc.)

Onboarding Process

If you’re comfortable with the prerequisites and interested in any of the packages, let us know and we’ll first chat and make sure your questions are answered.

If you’re ready to go, we’ll send the first service invoice detailing your plan and provide an onboarding document that covers everything we’ll need to get started. Typically this is a matter of getting access to services if we don’t already have it.

Onboarding should take anywhere from one to five business days, and once complete we’ll set your service start date and that’s it! We’ll take care of everything from there and review things with you on whatever schedule you’ve chosen.


We can keep projects healthy and offer some peace of mind. Let us know if you’d like to discuss further!

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