Primary Services

The sorts of projects you might hire us to tackle.


Brand Development, Refinement & Extension

Developing an initial identity, refining an existing one, or consolidating an established corporate brand system.


Content Planning & Information Architecture

Translating goals and content into an organized and specific form that’s ready for design and development.

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Complete design and development of a modern website that’s tightly integrated with a content management system.

Custom Development

Custom Application & Integration Development

Laravel or Yii development of web apps and Craft CMS plugins.

SEO and Performance

SEO & Performance Tuning

Evaluation and optimization of underperforming projects so they’re visible and optimally-delivered.


Technical Research

Research and consultation to translate business challenges into actionable tech options.

Secondary Services

Things we handle for many projects, and for which we partner with specialists when it’s appropriate.

Full Stack Maintenance & Support

Monitoring and proactive support for PHP applications and the Linux systems on which they rely.

Copywriting & Editing

Helping define or refine the right message or tone, or providing a critical eye for content to be published.

Graphic Artwork Development

Defining and developing the right style for illustration, photography, or video.

Asset Production

Prepping one or one thousand items for optimal web delivery.

Linux System Administration

Diagnosing and solving issues with Linux web servers and cloud-based deployments.

Limited Motion Graphics, Photography & 3D Production

Simple motion, photography, and 3D rendering.

Things We Don’t Do

Because we’re asked and we don’t want to waste your time.

Microsoft/ASP/.net Development

We specialize in PHP and Linux web applications, and would be ill-suited to help here.

Expert SEO or AdWords Consulting

We refer highly-specific, business-critical SEO decisions to experts.

Emergency Project Rescue for New Clients

Projects started under fire have always gone poorly for everyone involved. Sorry!

Heavy e-Commerce

We’re e-commerce-friendly, but there are great agencies focused on commerce that would be a better fit for complex e-commerce projects.

Looking for help?

We'd be happy to say hi and discuss your project.