I’m Matt. I'm a trustworthy web developer with a design background and an organized nerd. I like learning and helping clients solve web-centric problems.

Working Concept is my Seattle-based studio. I work with clients large and small, most often to design and build sites using Craft CMS.


  • Planning

    Refining a problem or idea into actionable goals, which can mean gathering requirements, researching options, and getting the right people involved.

  • Design

    Problem solving from back end to front end. Outlines, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and whatever else it takes to transform unanswered questions into neat solutions.

  • Development

    Modern front end work, tested, optimized, and deployed. HTML, Sass, JavaScript, and probably some Twig, jQuery, and/or PHP. Maybe shell scripts or AngularJS if we've gotten into weird territory.

  • Other Stuff

    As a curious generalist, I'm usually enthusiastic about the squishy stuff and collaborating with experts when it serves the project. It could be SEO, data migration, or that unexpected quandary.

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