AMPPS + OSX Mavericks

October 22, 2013

Update: Softaculous updated AMPPS so that the GUI tools will ultimately work with Mavericks, and posted some patching instructions for those already using 2.1. Time to download!

I jumped in with both feet today and upgraded both of my work machines. Surprisingly enough, the only thing that’s broken so far (aside from hiding spotlight again and re-enabling TRIM) is AMPPS – specifically Apache.

I’ll post an update when I get somewhere more intelligent, but for now I’ve found that I can force start the bundled Apache under sudo via command line:

 sudo /Applications/AMPPS/apache/bin/httpd -k start

You can of course stop Apache this way as well…

 sudo /Applications/AMPPS/apache/bin/httpd -k stop

This was mentioned on the AMPPS Wiki and works just fine.

But why does this happen?

The system log leads me to believe that the problem lies squarely with a missing /etc/authorization, a normal and expected change that’s part of Mavericks’ revamped security.

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