Espresso != TextMate

August 19, 2009 1 min read

I’ve had a chance to check out MacRabbit’s Espresso, and I was really impressed by its autocomplete functionality–specifically with CodeIgniter and ActionScript. Its snippets, project panel, and Safari-like text search are also very attractive, but there are a few yet-to-be-implemented features that make it impossible for me to switch from TextMate.

In order of importance:

  1. Project-wide search and replace with support for regular expressions.
  2. The ability to duplicate a selection without copy and paste. ( + D in TextMate)
  3. Multi-line selection/edit tool (alt + click/drag), and the related ‘Edit Each Line in Selection’ feature.

Espresso has been freshly released at version 1.0, and I realize that it needs time to mature. It’ll take a while to build up the enormous feature set that TextMate offers, and it’ll be amazing if it can stay as simple as TextMate at the same time. I’d make the switch in a heartbeat if I wasn’t so dependent on TextMate’s awesomeness.

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