Synology Gmail Backup, Again

January 11, 2015

Using GMVault to back up Google Apps email to my Synology DS214 has been great, when it works. And it seems like it fails pretty often: software update, token expiration, strong gust of wind, etc.

My original article from April 2014 turned into a bit of a mess, but after a few reinstalls and helpful comments (thanks David and Simon) I’ve got a much shorter set of instructions:

  1. Install the Python (2.7) package from the Synology package manager.
  2. SSH into the Synology box as root.
  3. Download and install pip:

  4. Use pip to install virtualenv:

    pip install virtualenv
  5. Log in as your normal user, and cd to wherever you want to install GMVault.
  6. Set up a virtual environment for GMVault to run in:

    virtualenv gmvault_env
  7. Install GMVault in this little environment:
    cd gmvault_env/bin
    ./pip install --verbose --pre gmvault --allow-external IMAPClient

Now you can run ./gmvault from this directory, or put together scripts that reference it by full path.

If you’re like me and your backups frequently see IMAP timeouts, don’t forget to cd ~/.gmvault and edit gmvault_defaults.conf so that enable_imap_compression=False.

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