Git Annex and Tower

November 24, 2015 1 min read

Just as GitLab announced support for the more popular git-lfs, I’ve figured out how to get Tower working with Git Annex.

If you’ve been using annex in your GitLab repositories, and your Tower commits fail with

git: 'annex' is not a git command.

…you’ve likely resorted to making commits from the command line. Your shell is configured to look in a few different places for other binaries, so git can look around for git-annex, which probably lives in /usr/local/bin. Tower is more limited to where it can look around, so you can fix this problem by installing a git binary to /usr/local/bin and telling Tower to use that one.

I already had Homebrew installed, so it was a matter of brew install git. I could confirm that /usr/local/bin/git existed, then select exactly that from Tower’s Git Binary menu in the Git Config pane.

Screenshot of Tower's Git Config settings

Select your /usr/local/bin Git binary.

Commits from tower should now work fine, just in time for you to move on from git-annex and set up for git-lfs.



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