Edit in TextMate Lives Again with QuickCursor

November 16, 2009 1 min read

I complained before that my beloved “Edit in TextMate” input manager wandered off into the woods when I upgraded to Snow Leopard and started using 64-bit apps. I work with lots of sites using ExpressionEngine, and “Edit in TextMate” made life quicker/easier when editing templates. (We can have a lively debate about saving templates as files later.)

Ricky at IF/THEN pointed me to QuickCursor, which is like a more grown-up “Edit in TextMate.” QuickCursor stays calm as I change Safari tabs, and never seems to lose the connection between the browser window’s textarea and the TextMate window. It lets me choose the keyboard shortcut, and you’ll never guess what I made it.

Bonus: you can add various “Edit In…” applications with shortcuts. What’s not to like? Get it for yourself!


Updated 6/16/19 at 6:55pm